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M&A Buy-Side Advisory
to Grow Your Portfolio

For corporate acquisitions and private equity groups alike,
we provide expert consultation for taking the next big step for your company.



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Hanover has worked with Pink Diamond Consulting for over 4 years, and we consider Mo an extension of our team. [...] Mo has a unique talent and special ability to connect with business owners, and excels at identifying target companies that match our firm’s specific criteria. Pink Diamond Consulting is Hanover’s favored buyside sourcing partner because they deliver tangible results, consistently over the long-term.

Aaron Aiken

Hanover Partners



Through both our contingency-based private equity deal sourcing and our corporate M&A search services, we provide clients with targeted opportunities and connections to help achieve their investment and business goals. See how we can tailor our multifaceted services to your needs by clicking the appropriate link below.


Private Equity Deal Sourcing

By sourcing highly qualified and targeted investment or buyout opportunities, we’re able to present our clients with the highest potential for portfolio expansion. Alongside every opportunity for a deal, our clients receive attentive and personalized service. We work diligently to:

Understand the investment thesis and criteria

Identify industries and sectors that are of general interest

Review the existing portfolio and identify add-on opportunities

Develop a communication process with the firm for deal review


Corporate Acquisition Search

We provide complimentary consulting services to help CEOs and corporate development professionals execute their M&A growth strategies, all at no cost and no obligation to you. Our firm will work hard to:

Prioritize your needs and establish your goals

Identify qualified, proprietary platform targets or portfolio acquisitions 

Prompt meaningful transaction-related conversations with target companies

Utilize our industry knowledge to facilitate interpersonal connections for potential company growth


For Business Owners and CEOs

Whether you are considering a full or partial sale of your company, or seeking growth capital, our firm has a vast array of connections to private equity and corporate clients that could prove to be the next big step in the life of your business. With no cost and no obligation, we can facilitate those connections while maintaining strict confidentiality. Contact us today, and let’s get talking.


What We Do Best

Our value lies in our relationships, and our expertise from both the buyer’s and seller’s perspective. We work with private equity groups and corporate buyers as an advisor and finder for investment opportunities. A strategic approach to networking is vital for our services; we assess factors on both the buyer and seller side to determine where mutually beneficial relationships may exist and only then make meaningful connections.


Our fees are paid by the buyers we work with; sellers do not pay us a fee for our services. We won’t replace your banker, and we aren’t a broker. We are here to help identify and coordinate connections with buyers and sellers whose goals align.


If you’d like to talk about how our services may be of use to your business, please contact us today.



If you’d like to discuss how we can help connect you with buyers for your business or advise you in the acquisitions process, please reach out today. We look forward to speaking with you about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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